The Music of William R. Higgins

Middle School


Grade 2

The Ohiogan Fight Song

A "Fighting Song" based on the fight songs of both Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. The Trio combines both tunes.

Arranged Higgins
Grade 2+ 2 X 4

A novelty piece in which the percussion section plays on 8 foot long two by fours.

 Higgins (2002)
Grade 2+ March of Good Hope

A concert march in traditional style.

 Higgins (2002)
Grade 2+ Romance from Concerto #3 in Bb

A Clarinet Solo with Wind Ensemble (2 on a part or full band) accompaniment.

Grade 2+ Slovakian Folksong Suite

A suite of five Slovakian folksongs with small ensemble scoring.

Higgins (2005)
Grade 2+ Through All the Notes of Music Rove

A fantasie on an Early American Hymn of William Billings

Higgins (2005)
Grade 3 Cinnamon Kisses

A slow jazz blues in which all players have the same rhythm. A nice way to teach jazz style.

Grade 3 Coronach

A minor mode composition based on an ancient Irish folk song.

Higgins (2002)
Grade 3 Eagle View Ceremonial

Commissioned for the dedication of the Eagle View Middle School, Mechanicsburg, PA., Mr. Dennis Shively, Director

Higgins (1997)
Grade 3 Maffick

Composed for 7th & 8th grade band. A boisterous celebration piece.

Higgins (2005)

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