The Music of William R. Higgins

Elementary School


Grade 1  Christmas Carols for Beginners

Ten Christmas Carols arranged for beginning Duet, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, and/or Band.  Written for students who have only completed the first 11 lessons of a standard band method book.  Concert range is Bb to G. Rhythms: Quarter-Note, Half-note, and whole-note.

Higgins (2012)
Grade 1  Mango Tango

A piece for first year band with four percussion parts to be played on any kind of percussion instruments (suggestions are provided).

Higgins (2007)


Grade 2 The Eaglet March

Composed for the Cumberland Valley 5th grade bands, this march includes keeping the beat with the feet.

Higgins (2004)
Grade 2  Banuwa

This piece was written for 1st or 2nd year beginning bands using a folk song from Liberia. The percussion play on two sizes of coffee cans. A chorus part is available.

Higgins (2004)
Grade 2  Doot, Du, Da

This piece is intended for 1st or 2nd year bands to teach beginning jazz swing style. The middle section is a solo ensemble for any combination of clarinets, saxophones, or trumpets & trombones. The solo section is in 4 part harmony. The jazz syllables are written in each part for the first two phrases, thus the title Doot, Du, Da.

Higgins (2004)

All arrangements and compositions are by William R. Higgins.   To purchase arrangements, you must first obtain Permission to Arrange from the publisher of the original work. This restriction is in place to abide by copyright law.